Learning Without Limits

World-class education from instructors with years of experience

Learning Without Limits

World-class education from instructors with years of experience

Our Team

World-class, factory-trained instructors with decades of hands-on programming experience in each course area…

Global Automation Training Solutions is dedicated to providing you the best training experience available. All of our instructors are factory trained with many years of hands-on programming experience in each course area. In every class we provide, our instructors are all able and willing to assist you with any questions that even go beyond the course curriculum.

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Each member of our team of trainers brings more than 20 years of training and field application programming experience to their students in the classes we offer. We are able and willing to answer questions that go beyond the curriculum.

  • Free training evaluation and recommendations for your company.

  • Onsite and customized training available.

  • Interactive classes with many hands-on exercises to ensure student’s understanding.

  • Trainings available in Multiple Languages.








A few words from our students and clients:

Global Automation Training Solutions provided our members with a great learning environment. They supplied all of the hands on training items and documentation to make the PLC training course very easy to follow and understand. I would highly recommend Global Automation Training Solutions for any programming and automation training.

John, Manager of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Our company uses Global Automation Training Solutions for multiple applications. The instructor always goes above and beyond to make sure all needs are met, even if not on the training topic. The instructor is always very knowledgeable in every aspect of the class. We have been using this company for years and will continue to use for a long time to come!

J.R., Maintenance Manager

Global Automation Training Solutions goes the extra mile to ensure all students understand PLC’s better than they did before the classes started. The Instructor is very knowledgeable and wants the best out of each student. It would benefit all companies to send their techs to training like this.

Larry, Maintenance Manager

Very informative and thorough classes. I learned more in a week than I did going to tech school for two years.

Alec, Welding Robot Technician

Instructor was professional and courteous. Training was easy to follow. I would highly recommend to anyone. 10/10!

Josh, Maintenance Technician

Training with Global Automation has been a key to my overall success and improvement towards my role in Automation and Controls. The classes are very detailed and the knowledgebase is exceptional. Global Automation is definitely a key player in my Engineering Network of resources!

Joseph, Senior Automation Engineer

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